Spheretek Solder Solutions
Guaranteed uniformity and sphereiciti down to ±5µ tolerance
Shiny, visible surface for automated handling
Any metallurgy available
Traditional alloys
RoHS compliant alloys
Standard sizes available from 50µ to 1250µ diameters
Custom sizes can be made to support specific current density and thermal path requirements in production volume
Lowest cost, highest quality product available in the market
Patent pending

It is specifically capable of:

* handling very thin wafers with unusual topography
* able to accomodate that topography being inverted by providing a custom chuck
* laying down a redistribution layer and underbump metalization at one time using one mask
* attaching bumps of virtually any size on any pitch required (down to 70 u bumps on 140 u pitch)
* making large solder balls as well as small solder balls
* VOID-less solder bump attachment
* fabricating custom sized solder balls on custom pitches
With this process you are not constrained to the standard solder ball sizes. The technology handles lead-less alloys as well as leaded alloys. High lead content is also not a problem.

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